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Project Coordinator

As one of the most recent additions to the Carter Hones Associates team Mohammad is keen on learning as much as possible from his supervisors many years of expertise in the field of project management. Mohammad was given the role of a project coordinator to assist his supervising project managers with managing project progress and maintaining a steady work flow and steady progress on the projects that he is assigned to.

A mechanical engineering graduate with experience in both business related fields and also engineering, Mohammad spends his time in supporting his supervisors in handling and managing the projects he is assigned to while making sure to pay attention to every detail and listen to every instruction from his peers in order to learn as much as possible and benefit from his supervisor’s many years of experience in the field to expand his knowledge, hone his skills, and  hoping to become a fully-fledged project manager in the coming years with the support and guidance from his well experienced supervisors. 

Mohammad like many enjoys spending his time outdoors weather it’s for hiking or other sports and activities when the weather allows, but due to the UAE’s extreme hot and long summer he spend his time indoors weather it’s at the mall or spending time with his friends in the many cafes in Dubai, and on lazy days his time is spent playing video games and watching movies until the weather cools down again. 

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