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The Largest Art Canvas in the World for Guinness World Records
IT'S A WORLD RECORD_Instagram.png

Carter Associates were absolutely honoured to assist the very talented @sachajafri and the team from @humanityinspired_ag to manage validation of The Largest Art Canvas in the World for Guinness World Records.

We’ve project managed some pretty cool projects, but this one takes the gong….literally!

The circa 17,000 sq.ft. canvas was painted over 7 months through 2020, created using 1,400 gallons of paint, with 200-300 different layers painted with over 1,000 paint brushes.

The artwork is being promoted in partnership with Dubai Cares, Global Gift Foundation, UNICEF, UNESCO, & UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, aiming to raise USD$30m to change the lives of the most in-need Children from the poorest regions of the world, most affected by the aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

What an amazing initiative, an amazing experience, and an amazing achievement of good will, compassion, empathy, love, humility and inclusion.

Just what the world needs right now…

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