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Chief Operating Officer

Nathan joined the Carter Hones Associates Board of Directors in 2014 to add further expertise and development management with his experience in large scale projects. Nathan is tasked with project direction with the senior project management team within Carter Hones Associates, as well as guiding the client development, operations and efficiencies within the business.

Nathan, as COO of Carter Hones Associates, is a highly qualified architectural and real estate development professional with nearly 25 years’ experience from client and consultant-side property development on the international arena.  Nathan has managed numerous large scale mixed use, hospitality, hotel and leisure projects for a number of international developers across the globe.  Nathan has demonstrated end-to-end delivery starting with project strategy, feasibility analysis through to design and delivery management, ensuring highest and best use suitability, quality and timely delivery.

Throughout his career, Nathan has combined his site-based architectural and development management experience with office based project strategy, financial analysis and design excellence which provides a unique blend of project viability, but with a strong design focused product.  This combination of skills ensures all projects are feasible and yet with strong design principles resulting in a marketable development.

Like most Australian's, Nathan enjoys watching sport…but only when Australia wins…which these days is rare indeed!  He enjoys running around Arabian Ranches where you will find him either chasing after his kids or one of his two dogs.

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