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Marketing Assistant 

With a proven track record working extensively in sales and administration, Kelly successfully branched out into events planning where her passion and drive delivered both personal and business success.  She joined Carter Hones Associates in 2022 to help manage the marketing and digital outreach for the business.


Kelly holds an advanced diploma in Counselling and Psychology and is looking to further her studies in the near future.  Having worked in Saudi Arabia for 3 years as the line secretary for the Fast Constortium in between juggling kids and being a mom Kelly is now enjoying her foray back into the corporate world with Carter Hones Associates.  Kelly is fiercely passionate, caring and creative and she expertly throws all of that energy behind her marketing and outreach strategies.  Kelly is always willing to step in and help where she can.  She is hoping to bring lots of creative and lively energy to Carter Hones Associates.

Kelly's digital marketing expertise has been further honed through her interest in social media, including Instagram where she has taken brands from 0 followers to thousands in a short period of time.  Photography, content creation, on-line response to user feedback and consistency have al served Kelly well as she has taken her brands to new heights.  She has already had a marked impact on the digital presence of Carter Hones Associates with over 4,000 clicks and over 32,000 impressions on LinkedIn in her first month!

In her spare time Kelly is an avid fitness enthusiast and enjoys time in the gym. With 3 children, 2 dogs, 2 cats and an equally active husband, Kelly is always kept busy.  Keeping fit and healthy is not only a passion but a way of life that is applied to all aspects of her life, all whilst trying to achieve the perfect work, home balance!


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